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Revenge - Chapter 9
The inhabitants of Birabuto Desert, in the land of Sarasaland, woke up that morning with something new in their sands.
There was someone lying next to the oasis. The Bunbuns were the first ones to see him. It was a young man in green and blue, but he was sleeping in a weird position. The leader of the Bunbuns flew closer to him, and then she saw there was blood next to the stranger’s head.
She quickly flew to the closest pyramid and warned the Gao that lived there. The Gao came out of her home and approached the oasis, but she saw there was a Goombo with the young man. Some more Goombos were coming closer, curious of their visitor, and the Bunbuns were still flying over the desert garden. The Gao then decided something had to be done with the stranger, so she walked towards him in order to find out what was happening.
“He’s not moving,” informed the Goombo that had approached the foreigner.
“He might be dead,” said the leader of the Bunbuns.
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Revenge - Chapter 8
Kamek couldn’t believe his luck.
When he had emerged out of the passage in the middle of the night, he knew that he had to track down that green wimp immediatly. He told his minions to search for him under every sand grain, even if they took the whole night and day to do so, and then he had climbed to the dune that acted as a door to the passage they had just left behind.
And, when he had looked around, he had seen him.
Green ‘Stache was right there. So close he could almost touch him.
The moonlight had allowed Kamek to see that Mario’s stupid brother was trying to climb up a palm tree next to an oasis his minions had not reached yet. The desert garden was not far away, so Kamek immediately screamed, “There he is! Go and get him! NOW!”
Then he saw Luigi loosing off the palm tree and falling down.
Kamek laughed hysterically as he ran towards the oasis. That had been such a beautiful sight! He was lucky the moon was full that night – it had allowed
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Revenge - Chapter 7
Luigi ran as if his life depended on it.
Which was actually the case.
The passage was long, dark and cold. He had not had the time to go to the kitchen and get something to eat or drink, so he hoped he’d reach the end as soon as possible. He had never gone through the passage, in fact, so he didn’t know what he was going to find there.
He just kept running.
And when he got too tired to keep running, he slowed down and continued walking.
There were some torches hung on the walls, so Luigi was not surrounded by a complete darkness. He was able to see where he stepped on, but he could also see the passage went on and on. Luigi sighed. He was starting to feel trapped like a fairy in a bottle. He didn’t like to be underground – he was a claustrophobic person! He desperately needed to see the sun again, at least one more time.
And he couldn’t forget about his brother.
Luigi was now completely sure that something bad had happened to Mario. If the red-cl
:iconsilenzahra:SilenZahra 14 16
Revenge - Chapter 6
Kamek was angry. He had never been angrier before.
“Find him!” he screamed for the millionth time. “You have to find him!”
Or else I’ll be the one to pay, he thought, but not aloud.
Truth be told, Kamek was using his anger to cover up how scared he was. He knew the way King Bowser worked. It would either be Green 'Stache's life... or his.
But there was no sign of Mario’s brother. That stupid weakling had run away – but how? The house was empty and there was only one door.
Kamek entered the basement. It was full of Bowser’s minions, just like the rest of the house, and some Paratroopas seemed to have found something on the table. Kamek made them move aside and studied the object himself.
“What is this?” he asked, disappointed. “A book!?”
“It’s not just a book, Sir,” one of the Paratroopas said. “It seems to have been written by one of the brothers.”
He pointed at the
:iconsilenzahra:SilenZahra 11 7
Revenge - Chapter 5
Luigi wasn’t able to sleep.
He couldn’t stop thinking about his argument with Mario. Had he been too rough towards his brother? Should he have just come with Mario? Was his brother really willing to talk about what Luigi had said?
The green-cladded plumber sighed, tossing and turning in bed. He was worried about his brother and about what was going to happen after he came back. Would that conversation change anything between them? Would that conversation ever happen? Luigi really hoped so.
A loud noise startled him so badly that he fell out of bed. He got up quickly, ran towards the window and watched Peach’s castle’s tower fall down. Astonished, Luigi looked at Bowser, who had become giant thanks to his magic and hadn’t stopped breathing his fire to destroy the tower.
The tower.
The castle.
Princess Peach.
Luigi swallowed nervously. He had to do something. He couldn’t just stay there watching.
His brother needed him.
Maybe even the princes
:iconsilenzahra:SilenZahra 16 8
Revenge - Chapter 4
It had been so easy.
Bowser already knew it was going to work. Mario would follow the princess wherever she went, and would always show up when she was in danger.
This time was no different.
Once he destroyed the highest tower of the castle, he laughed as he pushed the rubble aside in search for his two prisoners. He found Mario first, lying down among the rocks, unconscious, and Giant King Koopa grabbed him by one leg. “Stupid plumber,” he said, enjoying the moment. “I always knew I would beat you sooner or later. I am invincible! And you’re not, bwahahaha!”
He kept on cackling as he walked over the ruins of the castle and soon he found Peach as well. He looked at her with fascination – he had mocked her a few minutes ago, but it had all been a lie. The truth was he wanted that little, cute woman to be his wife, and he would not stop until she said yes. He grabbed her gently and let her rest on his palm, and then he started walking out of the cas
:iconsilenzahra:SilenZahra 12 24
Revenge - Chapter 3
“You are not welcome here, Bowser!” Peach screamed, knowing the Koopa King would hear her for sure, even though she was about to hide under the castle. “Go now and never come back!”
“Princess, please!” Toadsworth exclaimed, grabbing her hand and pulling on her. “You must hide! He will kidnap you again!”
“I’m so tired of being kidnapped,” she complained, but she ran after Toadsworth. “I should fight!”
“Mario will fight for you – when he arrives!”
Such words did not calm Peach down. She was aware of her dependence towards the plumber. She felt quite thankful for having him by her side, but this was not a good thing after all. Mario had his own life, his own problems, his own worries – he shouldn’t have to save her every other day. And for herself...
She should learn to fight and defend herself once and for all.
She was a princess, almost a queen, and she had a kingdom to rule. S
:iconsilenzahra:SilenZahra 15 11
Let's do the Odyssey! by SilenZahra Let's do the Odyssey! :iconsilenzahra:SilenZahra 45 32
Revenge - Chapter 2
“Oh, no...”
Mario ran upstairs and dashed toward the window, followed by Luigi. It was just as he expected – he saw Bowser’s airship flying over Peach’s Castle. Again.
Without even a second thought, Mario ran towards the door. “The princess needs us!”
But to his surprise, Luigi didn’t follow him.
Bewildered and eager to leave as soon as possible, Mario turned around. His brother was leaning on the threshold of the basement’s door, his arms crossed, his face showing an indifferent expression.
“Luigi! Come on! We gotta go!”
“No,” Luigi said. “You gotta go, Mario.”
“You heard me.”
Luigi said no more and turned around, but before he could go back to the basement, Mario lurched toward him.
“What do you think you’re doing, Luigi?” he screamed, angry. “You can’t just sit around while Bowser is attacking the Mushroom Kingdom! You—
:iconsilenzahra:SilenZahra 16 34
Revenge - Chapter 1
When he felt the blue shell coming closer and closer, Luigi knew it was all over.
As the blue shell came crashing down, he heard Mario giggling while driving past him and going back to the first position. Luigi understood now – he figured out why his brother had suddenly allowed him to take his place in the race. To think he had believed Mario was trying to make up for always being the hero, the spotlight, and not allowing Luigi to be noticed...
He was passed by some more racers before he could finally manage himself to keep on driving, but he knew it was too late: he would never be first in the race, not even second. Again, he was going to lose.
Because of Mario.
Luigi was tempted to simply get off the kart and leave. Nevertheless, in a last attempt to save some dignity, he decided to go on, even if he wasn’t going to end up in a good position. He had already been overtaken by Wario, Yoshi and Daisy, but he could still try and cross the finish line before Waluigi, Peach
:iconsilenzahra:SilenZahra 23 26
Rapunzel painting her tower by SilenZahra Rapunzel painting her tower :iconsilenzahra:SilenZahra 43 29 Luigi and Daisy in the rain by SilenZahra Luigi and Daisy in the rain :iconsilenzahra:SilenZahra 40 4 My first digital drawing!  by SilenZahra My first digital drawing! :iconsilenzahra:SilenZahra 24 25 Waiting for the new year! by SilenZahra Waiting for the new year! :iconsilenzahra:SilenZahra 6 10 It calls me... by SilenZahra It calls me... :iconsilenzahra:SilenZahra 43 16 The speaking shell by SilenZahra The speaking shell :iconsilenzahra:SilenZahra 26 8

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Hello, my dear friends! :aww: It's really been a long time since I last visited DA ^^; I've almost forgotten how to write in English :XD:

As the title says, I'm going to try and make the long story short: since August I've been having problems with my laptop and it's still not working properly - I swear I'm desperate, I don't know what else I could do to fix it ^^; The thing is, I've spent around a month or two without any kind of PC at home, and even though I have a tablet, it's not even half as easy to use as a computer. This is why I've barely been around or answered any of your comments. 

But there's more! :XD: I'm currently studying a course for unemployed people at it lasts until November 10th, which means I'm still going to be very busy in real life, for this course has a school-like timetable and I have to study, write essays and such. It's almost a new thing for me, considering the last time I went to a school or university was in 2014 :XD: But I'm trying my best to pass all the tests and get a good mark.

And what's the point on studying this course? Well, as I've already mentioned many times, I'm currently unemployed. The situation at home is being very harsh - that's why I really don't know what else I could do to fix my laptop ^^; We barely have any money to live, let alone to buy a new computer! Both my mom and I are trying to get a job, but Spain is not the best country in the world to find a job at the moment (especially with the situation in Catalonia), so we're not being lucky at all. My mom, my dad, my three dogs and I are living out of ony my dad's salary. Which is not very high, actually.

So I bet you can see why I'm studying this course =P It's meant for helping young, unemployed people to get new chances of getting a job. Actually, during the last week, we'll be in touch with an important enterprise that will hire three of us, so I just hope I'll be one of them! I really need to get a new job, and I think I could be one of the best candidates. At least, I will try my best whenever I'm intervewed, so wish me luck, dear friends! :heart:

On the other hand, I haven't forgotten about my fanfic. But, you know, since I've had no laptop and I'm very busy at the moment, I haven't written a word since August 29th ^^; My plan was to finish it before October came, but I'm afraid it didn't happen :no: I just hope I can get back to it once the course is over, for I suposse I'll have some more free time. Or perhaps I won't, if I'm hired ;P

The thing is, I don't think I'm going to share any new chapter until I'm done with the course. I'm very sorry, but I want to have some time to spend on it, because it needs revision and I really wish to continue writing it. I just hope you will understand, but I'd like to offer you the best of my writing skills that I can.

So that would be it for today :aww: I just felt like I owed you all an explanation, for I'm always leaving and coming back, leaving and coming back, and so on :XD: What about you, guys? How are you all doing? :aww:

By the way, I haven't forgotten - I know Super Mario Odyssey has just been released today :D I'm very happy to know many of you will be able to play it, but considering my whole situation, I'm afraid I won't be able to even get a Nintendo Switch ^^; I don't know its price in other places, but in Spain it costs more than 300€ and I really can't afford to spend such a huge amount of money on a console. Heck, I don't even have 100€ :XD:

At least I could get the Superstar Saga remake when it was released (I had been saving money since the summer :XD:), though I haven't had much time to play it. So far I've loved it, because it's exactly the same as the original one, but a little bit improved and with better graphics. It's absolutely perfect :heart:

Hopefully I'll be able to spend some time around tomorrow! My intention is to answer your comments and notes, for I think I've kept you waiting long enough now ^^; I really am sorry, but I think of you guys every day :huggle:

See ya! :glomp: :heart:
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Okay guys, I know I owe you a little something, but I'm afraid it has to wait for a little longer ^^; Many things have been going on in my life and I want to write a journal about it, but I can never find the time :shakefist: I'll try and do it this week - promise! :heart:


SilenZahra's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I am a writer, a reader and a Nintendo fan. I might upload some funny screenshots, some simple drawings (I'm a beginner) and some Mario fanfics inspired by Dream Team :meow:

My 3DS friend code: 4098 - 3174 - 7096
Add me as San! I'll be happy to add you as well so note me back with your code and name :D
Games to play on-line I own:
-Mario Kart 3DS.
-Mario Tennis 3DS.
-Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
-Super Smash Bros. 3DS (not always).

I also like M&L: Dream Team Bros., Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and TLOZ: A Link Between Worlds for 3DS :D
Some of my favourite games are Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the first Luigi's Mansion game, TLOZ: Minish Cap, Super Mario Bros. 3 and M&L: Superstar Saga. I also loved playing Duck Hunt and Kirby's Dream Land when I was little :aww: (And both Mario Land games, and Tetris, and Mario Tennis... :XD:)
By the way, I LOVE Luigi :love: He's so adorable! :heart: And I want Daisy to appear in Smash and to be given some spot! I like her far better than Peach :XD: Daisy rules! :dummy:

As I said, I love writing. I've written four novels so far (in Spanish, which is my mother tongue) and some of them have been published. I also love reading - some of my favourite books are Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Pride and Prejudice and The Book Thief. I mostly like reading fantasy novels, but I also enjoy some other genres like romance or mystery. Oh, and I like The Maze Runner a lot too :meow:

I can speak Spanish (obviously :XD:), English and I'm learning French. In case you'd like to talk to me, add me as a friend, ask for something - just do it! I'll be right here :D You can note me or leave a comment below, as you prefer :aww: I'd just ask you to talk to me in English or Spanish, please ^^;
And you can find me on twitter and instagram as well! Look for (at)SilenZahra and I'll be there ;P :aww:

I also have a youtube channel:…,
a goodreads account:…,
and a literary blog! eljardindelinvierno.wordpress.…



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